Produce a minimum of three thumbnail visuals/design ideas inspired by researched sources.
Experiment with the following materials and techniques to produce a minimum of two sample bindings:


use the following materials:

  • papers (in the range of 90 – 130 gms)
  • at least two different types of decorative papers eg marbled, printed
  • boards in a range of different thicknesses from 1000 to 3000 microns
  • linen or cotton threads
  • leather
  • book cloth
  • found objects

use the following techniques:


  • measure accurately
  • determine the grain of paper
  • prepare signatures and covering materials
  • sewing book blocks – exposed spine, decorative stitches, stub sewing
  • attach a map pocket to the inside back cover
  • a range of fastenings.

Samples must be between A6 to A3 or equivalent surface area in finished size and may be portrait or landscape.

Candidates should not be limited to the list of techniques or materials mentioned above in their experimentation.

Suggested activities




 Unit 221: Making a book with a non adhesive stitched binding and integrated cover

If you can.....

..... then you are ready to complete this task

  • Demonstrate competence and proficiency when executing all the techniques from the previous tasks
  • Sew neatly with a consistent tension so that it looks good and functions well
  • Make and attach pockets
  • Add appropriate fastenings

Experiment with the following

  • Different fastenings
  • Try other suitable cover materials(eg Wood, Acrylic)
  • Different types of stitches
  • Different methods of board/cover attachment
  • Different design ideas and appropriate materials for the covers