Produce a minimum of 2 visuals/design ideas inspired by research


Experiment with the following materials to produce two landscape sample albums.


  • at least 10 leaves of paper or card (200-500 gsm)
  • at least two types of covering material including decorative paper (marbled, printed, Japanese etc.)
  • boards of appropriate thickness
  • made headbands
  • linen or cloth joined strip guards


Use the following techniques, in addition to those acquired in Unit 118:


  • sew on tapes with folded compensation guards
  • bind pages with strip guards and linen covered joints (Victorian style binding)
  • self ends or made, or cloth jointed, endpapers
  • a full, half or quarter clothcover
  • casing in with even squares
  • a square entry slip case for one album, lined with paper and covered in cloth




Suggested activities

Unit 119: Photograph albums and slipcases



Experiment with the following

  • Different photo album structures
    • single folded leaf or sections of folded leaves
    • cutting guards following sewing the book block
    • strip guarded leaf, with one or more cloth joints
  • Experiment with jigs to help keep things consistent sizes
  • Different weights of paper, card & board and the number of folios in a section
  • Different styles of end papers
  • Different design ideas and appropriate materials for the cover
  • Document your observations and thoughts as you go along.
  • What techniques went well? What didn't go so well? What would you do differently?

If you can.....

  • Demonstrate competence and proficiency when executing all the techniques from the previous tasks
  • Select materials appropriate for the design and function of a photo album
  • Explain the need for guards in an album
  • Make guards of a consistent size
  • Make a slip case that fits the album perfectly

....then you are ready to complete this task.


Updated to August 2020 requirements