Develop design ideas from research and make at least one multi-section sewn journal in portrait format.


The journal must include


  • a minimum of six sections
  • sewn on two tapes and with at least two lengths of thread
  • rounded spine with French grooves (boards away)
  • ribbon marker and made headbands
  • hardback case binding
  • covered in full cloth


Suggested activities

Unit 118: Multi-section sewn journals



If you can.....

....then you are ready to complete this task.

  • Demonstrate competence and proficiency when executing all the techniques from the previous tasks
  • Demonstrate a good working knowledge of appropriate materials (type, weight, quality) and techniques
  • Select materials appropriate for the design and function of the finished book
  • Trim a bookblock so that it has perfect right angles in every plane
  • Form a consistently rounded spine
  • Attach ribbon markers and headbands, glue up and line the spine with appropriate materials
  • Make multi section books that are neat, clean and meet the required criteria
  • Make a case binding that is aesthetically pleasing, feels right in the hand and functions well

TIP: Don't forget to take photos as you go along and keep notes of the techniques and materials used for your supporting evidence!

gallery/xgolden section graphic
  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Make maquettes to try out different design ideas and materials
  • Join your thread on the inside of a section to demonstrate use of two lengths of thread
  • Review your work:
    • Make sure all the requirements have been met
    • What went right?
    • What went wrong?
    • How could you improve?

Updated to August 2020 requirements