Research a range of multi-section sewn books using visual and written evidence (e.g. sketches, scans, photographs to show use of colour, techniques and materials etc.).

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Suggested resources

Unit 118: Multi-section sewn journals


  • Visit Libraries, other binders, second hand bookshops, museums & exhibitions
  • Buy some multi section sewn books from a charity shop or car boot. Deconstruct them and compare how they were made and the different materials used.


  • Your research does not need to be exhaustive. You need to show that you have a reasonable depth of knowledge.
  • Record what you observe when you examine or deconstruct a multi-section case binding.
  • Include evaluative comments related to the research.
  • Reference your sources.
  • Record visits to retail outlets, exhibitions, libraries
  • Record the books, journals and websites consulted.

Tips for documenting your evidence

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Updated to August 2020 requirements